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Michigan Study Guide

Get our Michigan Study Guide at no extra cost when you purchase all three of our Michigan downloads.

Our Michigan study guide is an instantly downloadable publication in PDF format.

It is 30 pages long (8.5 by 11 inch pages), if you would like to print it instead of reading it from your computer screen.

Our study guide includes eight chapters.

Chapter 1 gives you information and advice for the speaking test. It tells you what examiners expect in your spoken English.

Chapter 2 helps you get extra practice with the vocabulary that you will need for the examination. There are 15 pages of vocabulary exercises in this part of the study guide.

Chapter 3 provides essay help and gives you a list of essay topics like those that have appeared on past exams.

Chapter 4 is a comparison of the differences between American and British English.

Chapter 5 covers the use of coordinators and subordinators in your written and spoken English.

Chapter 6 tells you how your essay writing will be assessed and evaluated as part of your placement.

In Chapter 7, you will see information and advice for the Michigan Aural Comprehension (Listening) Exam.

The last chapter you will get online listening resources and help.

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